HyperJuice 245W USB-C Battery Pack

2915 kr

HyperJuice 100W USB-C Battery 27000mAh

The brand new HyperJuice USB C 100 2022 battery features the latest USB-C PD (power delivery) battery technology. 

It's the only external USB-C battery on the market with 100 W output power. This battery is able to charge your MacBook Pro 16 M1 in all working modes.

Airline approved carry-on battery. Meets TSA requirements. 

A lot of great features make this battery the best available USB-C battery on the market. 

We've been testing the new HyperJuice USB-C PD 100 battery in professional photography workflows on fashion shoots around the world. 

We recommend using three to four* of the new USB-C PD 100 batteries for a one-day professional photography shoot with the MacBook Pro 15 Touch Bar. 

Fully charge this battery in around 1-1.5hours. 

HyperJuice USB-C Magic Box (OUT OF STOCK)

680 kr

Needed additionally to charge all USB-C MacBooks with the HyperJuice 1.5 100 / 150 / 222. 

Charge your MacBook Pro 15 Touch Bar and Macbook Pro 16 (USB-C) with this USB-C Magic Box adapter for the HyperJuice 1.5 100 / 150 / 222.

Hyperjuice 100W GaN USB-C Charger

1180 kr

This is the fourfold USB-C 100 watt charger your're looking for. 

Charge 2 HyperJuice USB-C PD 100 batteries at the same time.

There is no other USB-C ac power adapter on the market which is able to charge your MacBook or USB-C battery with full 100W power. 

Super small and lightweight, the best charger on the go.

Hyper-Drive USB-C + USB-C Cable

390 kr


10Gbps data transfer

100W power delivery

Aluminum enclosure