iWorkCase V3 M1

7450 kr

New! iWorkCase for your MacBook Pro

Finally it's here, the MacBook Pro 16 M1. 

This is the iWorkCase for the MacBook Pro 16" M1 version starting 10/2021.

It comes with inlay, sunhood, dark cloth, aluminum tripod coupling system, carrying strap and keys.


iWorkCase leveling base

1750 kr

The brand new iWorkCase Leveling Base, compact, lightweight, extremely stable and perfect leveling. 

The best solution for mounting your iWorkCase on a tripod.

The iWorkCase Inlays (13" to 16")

1650 kr

The iWorkCase Inlay supports MacBook computers. 

It fits all iWorkCase cases starting from 2007 up to today.

We use only the best available high quality foam, it will last nearly a lifetime.